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Sufi Sayed Dayemullah

1912-1995 CE

Founder of Dayemi Foundation Service Projects 

“Allah, the most forgiving and merciful, bestows mercy on everyone so that all can encourage each other to live a life of truth. May we all live a life of truth and advise others to live a life of truth and also may we live a life of sacrifice. Because Allah says, I am with the one - who lives with patience. All conflicts and fights begin due to impatience.”


Dayemi Foundation is a Bangladesh government-approved NGO having consultative status with the United Nations ECOSOC & the Department of Global Communications associated non-profit, non-political volunteer organization that provides social services: health care, academic, and vocational education, rural development empowerment, and rural humanitarian aid in rural Bangladesh.


Throughout his lifetime, Sufi Sayed Dayemullah, the namesake of the foundation, established many orphanages, schools, and vocational training centers in different rural areas of Bangladesh. The Dayemi Foundation was formed in 2007 by his descendants to administer those facilities more efficiently to carry forward his vision.


Today, the Dayemi foundation touches the lives of over 4,000 children through its orphanages and schools. It has also established various social enterprises to empower individuals who have hosted many social-environmental awareness programs - all for the betterment of rural Bangladeshis.

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Registration  & International Affiliations



  • Department of Social Service of the Ministry of Social Welfare of The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with registration no. Brahman 451/07 d. 30 Sep 2007.

  • NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister’s Office of The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with registration no.3014, d. 29/02/2016. 


International Affiliations

Our Mission

Social Welfare Programs

  1. Basic Necessities– Provide food, clothing, accommodation, shelter, education, health care, motivation, and social security to underprivileged children;

  2. Education– Provide schooling through 12th grade, merit scholarships for higher education and career opportunities;

  3. Vocational Training For Skill Development;

  4. Youth Empower Through Social Enterprises;


Social Development Programs

  1. Promote Social Awareness on Key Social Issues;

  2. Initiates Rural Development;

  3. Promote Health Care Health Education for Rural Comminutes;

  4. Provide Humanitarian Assistance to the Victims of Natural Disaster.

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Our Vision





Dayemi Foundation envisions a sustainable platform where underprivileged children have the guaranteed opportunities for development that enables them to exercise their right to education, good health, right livelihood, social security, and empowerment.

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